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    Eric Lee  |  Physical Education

Boys’ Physical Education teacher Eric Lee loves that he gets paid to play sports and be active. What he loves most, however, is getting to know his students.

“I get to build relationships with [students] every single day, and that is very exciting,” he said, “Relationships result in impact, and I want to impact lives.”

Mr. Lee graduated from Campbell University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Physical Education. He and his wife Brittany have one daughter, AnnaGrace. Mr. Lee is a deacon in his church, which he grew up in, and in his free time enjoys playing golf and fishing.

One of his favorite parts of his job is introducing his students to new and different sports, like team handball.

“[It’s] been an Olympic Sport for many years and no one seems to play it here in the United States,” he said, “However, Wake Christian could really put a quality team handball team together because we have some kids that love it.”

Mr. Lee emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship and honor to his students, who range in age from second to twelfth grade.

“Winning and losing is the hardest lesson for kids to learn. And ultimately how to do it right,” he explained, “Your ability to handle [winning and losing] will ultimately have a great impact on your success in life.”

Mr. Lee witnessed the results of the principles he instills in his students last fall. They were running the mile, one of the toughest parts of the class.

“Everyone was done except this one new student,” he remembered, “He was almost an entire lap behind the rest of the class.”

He was “amazed” when the finished students caught their breath and immediately returned to run the final lap with the new student.

“They cheered him on and kept pushing him to do his very best, and when he finished they acted as if he had just broken some kind of world record,” Mr. Lee said, “That is what Wake Christian is about. And that is why this place is like no other.”


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