Teacher Spotlight: Kellie Fowler

By Evie Fordham


AST_3411-1_copy[1]Second grade teacher Kellie Fowler attended Wake Christian Academy for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Now she loves to guide her young pupils on the “journey of learning” in the same hallways and classrooms she used to frequent.

“I love kids, and especially the age of second grade,” she said, “I taught this age group at church from my teens to my adulthood, and I enjoy watching their brains soak up knowledge!”

History is one of Mrs. Fowler’s favorite subjects to teach.

“History is ‘His story,’ so when I teach those things I can help [the students] see how God is in all things of our world,” she said.

Her class also loves what she calls “Bible Truths” time.

“I don’t want God’s Word to be taught as just ‘stories’ but actual truth from His Word of things that happened and will happen,” she said, “God’s Word, all of it, can be applied to our lives today in so many ways. I love helping the children connect those dots.”

Mrs. Fowler emphasizes to her students that God cares for each and every one of them.

“He alone can help us with anything we face — whether it is a hard math problem, a reading issue, or just how to get along with someone on the playground or in your learning group,” she said, “If we have the Lord as our foundation, all things will build and grow from there!”

Mrs. Fowler loves her other jobs as a wife and mother as well as photography, reading, and cross-stitching. She attended Meredith College and earned her B.S. in Child Development with Teacher Certification.

Mrs. Fowler loves teaching because she learns as much from her students as they learn from her.

“As I am teaching, the Lord uses those moments to enlighten me to the truths from His Word that He wants me to remember for my own life,” she said, “My students teach me valuable lessons each day of God’s love, mercy, and grace which in turn make me a better teacher. I love what I do!”

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