Welcome to our new Middle School Teachers!

AST_7222 copyIt is time for a new school year to begin with new Middle School teachers Mr. B, Mr. K, Mr. Lowther, Mrs. Atkinson, and Mrs. Bertholf.
Please join us in welcoming these teachers:

Shawn Bertholf, known as Mr. B, and his family moved to North Carolina to begin a new chapter in their lives.  For the past 14 years he taught secondary science at an International Christian School in Seoul, South Korea. Teaching internationally gave Mr. B the opportunity to interact with students from numerous countries and cultures. He taught high school and middle school science at Yongsan International School of Seoul.  Recently Mr. B completed his master’s degree in Teaching and Learning for Middle School Students.  “I am tremendously excited to see what the Lord will do this year as I share my passion for science with my students.”   Mr. B and his wife, Allison, have 3 children – J.T. 10 years old, Aysia 7 years old and Ella 5 years old. They are excited to be in NC and at WCA.  “I praise the Lord for my wonderful family, the lives of the students I am able to be a part of, and all the many blessings He has given me as His child.”  WCA is fortunate to have Mr. B and his family at our school…Welcome.

Ken Kovarik, students know him as Mr. K.  This name may be familiar to you as well.  Mr. Kovarik was a high school teacher at WCA. For 15 years He taught Science and Chemistry.  He left teaching and took a year off to try something different. During this time he tried working in the health insurance industry.  He learned that teaching is what he really wanted to do.  “The hardest thing to do in life is figuring out what you really want to do…I really want to teach and help in discipleship.”   Mr. K will be teaching Boys Bible and US History for 7th grade.  Mr. K is an Army “brat” who has lived in Venezuela and Italy. It was in Italy as a teenager he became a Christian. He graduated from VMI and was commissioned as an officer in the USAF, where he also met his wife Lisa.  He served for 4 years in the USAF Communications Command. He also worked for Nortel Networks for approximately 15 years. Mr. K has a wonderful family  – Joshua, who is an artist, Sonja and her husband Chris who have one child, Anya,  WCA (’02) and husband Justin who have 3 children, Zac, WCA (’04), USAF officer and wife Tori who have 2 children and Katie, WCA  (’06), therapist and her husband Jon also a WCA (’05).  Welcome back Mr. K!

David Lowther, was raised in Topeka, Kansas and saved as a young teenager at the age of 14. He served in the Coast Guard for 4 years and worked as an electronics technician. He spent most of his time while in the Coast Guard in Japan on a base outside of Tokyo.  Mr. Lowther attended Kansas State University graduating with B.S degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He also had a successful career with IBM.  He believes that the Scriptures are the foundation for his life and has been involved in Bible Study Fellowship as a group leader and teaching leader. He is currently serving as an area advisor, mentoring, training and encouraging leaders in several men’s classes in North and South Carolina.  He has a love for teaching, discipling and training. “I am excited to have the opportunity to teach engineering, forensics, and assist with the mathematics curriculum for WCA’s Middle School. “  David and his wife Sally have four wonderful adult children, Jennifer, Brian, Kristin and Michael. They are all married and living in NC. They also have 7 grandchildren. Welcome Mr. Lowther to WCA!

Allison Bertholf will join her husband on WCA’s staff working in the Middle/High School Library and in the after school care program. In Seoul, South Korea Mrs. Bertholf worked for 16 years in education at  an International Christian school teaching  students from over 50 different countries.  “I look forward to sharing with you what God has taught me through my family’s diverse and unique experiences overseas, as well as the knowledge I have gained through completing both my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in education.” Welcome Mrs. B!

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