Graduate Spotlight – Kevin Silva ’18

Walk the halls at WCA, and you’ll see Class of ‘18 alum Kevin Silva’s talent on display in almost every building. He has been our unofficial “resident student-photographer” for the past few years. His pictures are striking enough to make you stop and stare.


Kevin came to WCA in 6th grade and he is attending Liberty University this fall, studying Digital Media with a concentration on video. His younger brothers attend WCA.

Kevin’s High School Years 

We’re not sure how he had time to capture so many amazing images during his high school career, because he was busy with academics, jazz band (he plays saxophone), marching band, and he was an invaluable asset to our yearbook staff. Amanda Hodgins, yearbook advisor, has this to say about him; “Kevin became a part of the staff as a senior and put 100% into everything he did right from the beginning.  He is an expert photographer and was always willing to help other staff members. His work ethic, which is impeccable, was outdone only by his Christ-like character.”

Scan his Instagram page, @kvnslv, and you’ll see photos taken for family and friends, on different occasions and in a variety of settings. Kevin genuinely loves to document big and small moments in life. When asked what his favorite things to shoot are, he quickly mentions the portraits he’s been asked to photograph. Kevin says, “Prom pics and senior pics are a big deal. It means a lot to me to be asked to shoot those kinds of things.”

Foundation for Success

The opportunities to connect with others through photography and the relationships formed at WCA with teachers, staff and other students are what Kevin will miss most about high school. And he is grateful for the preparation WCA has given him to attend LU. He feels that even the practical things he has studied in his bible classes, such as learning how to manage money in ways that honor the Lord, will help to provide a great foundation for college and for life.

We already miss Kevin and his Class of 2018 classmates. At least we can follow his adventures and see what he is up to, through his camera lens!


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