Military Appreciation Chapel Week!

Military Appreciation Chapel Week is a special time at Wake Christian Academy! During November, it’s an honor and a privilege to recognize the significance of service and sacrifice, to honor our veterans, and to pray for our active service members and their families. 

On Tuesday, our middle and high school students gathered together to honor our military. Our students know former Airman 1st Class Chad Robbins as “Coach”, but this week, he spoke to us about his time in the US Air Force, and specifically about his deployment to Mogadishu in 1993 as part of Operation Restore Hope. During his service, Mr. Robbins earned several ribbons and medals in service to our country. He challenged our students not to take each day for granted and above all – to live in light of the sacrifice Christ made for us. 

Another special member of the WCA family, US Army Sgt. 1st Class Raymond Ryals, presented our school with a flag that flew in combat over the Helmand province of Afghanistan on September 11, 2018. We rejoice with his family, as Mr. Ryals recently returned home from a year-long deployment. He shared that he was able to focus on his mission because of the support of his wonderful wife Michelle, and he thanked our WCA family for the support given to his son Seth and to his family during deployment.

Our elementary students were led in a separate chapel service, to reinforce our Core Value of Patriotism/Citizenship, and to model the importance of respect for our flag and for the men and women who have served our country. On Wednesday, Middle School Science Teacher and former USAF 1st. Lt. Ken Kovarik shared that he has been associated with the military for most of his life. Raised in a military household, he served as communications engineer in the USAF and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from VMI. He emphasized the importance of telling the truth and he challenged us to remember the acronym HIM: Humility, Intelligence, and Morality. He encouraged us to study hard to gain knowledge, and to do everything in a spirit of humility and love.

Thank you to our Fine Arts students for their moving tributes, and to each of our speakers, for being with us this week! May God bless our service men and women – past and present!


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