WCA COVID-19 Response

Message from our Head of School, Mike Woods

Important Information for Parents During This Time

WCA will transition to continuing academics online, starting March 30, 2020, after spring break. 

 Our goal is to continue to provide quality academic instruction during this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak situation. We realize that families are experiencing many changes at this time, and parents are working many hours, both in and away from the home. With these concerns in-mind, the plan is designed to be flexible for parents and students. We want to provide some general information about what you can expect.

 Requirements for academic work at-home are simple: Students/parents will need a device with the ability to access the internet, type, and play sound. Please know that students will have ample time to complete assignments, as we understand some families will be sharing devices and computers.

Our teachers are prepared to instruct, assign, and assess on a modified basis. Here is a general overview of the plan:

  • Academic work at-home will begin on Monday, March 30. Attendance will be recorded by your teacher.
  • Parent involvement and reassurance during this time is important. Our teachers and staff will partner with you, as you assist your student(s) at home.
  • Information about instruction and assignments will continue to be posted in Google Classroom. Within Google Classroom, teachers will communicate with students using a variety of resources (video, downloads, links, etc.).
  • We will use many tools already familiar to your students, as well as other tools teachers have selected to help students continue learning at home. Teachers will provide more information via Google Classroom. 
  • The pace of learning may be a little different than a typical week of learning, but the goal is to help students (and parents) not feel overwhelmed, as we navigate this together.
  • Parents and students will need to check Google Classroom beginning March 30, for information from each of their teachers, who will provide weekly announcements and assignments. The first assignment each week will be due Thursday by 11:59pm. The final assignment each week will be due on the following Monday by 11:59pm.
  • Our priority is continuity of learning in core subjects; however, every class is important. Elementary enrichment teachers and MS/HS elective teachers will also post activities and/or assignments in their Google Classroom.
  • As always, important messages will continue to be posted in Veracross parent/student portals and communicated via email.
  • Please contact techhelp@wakechristianacademy.com for issues accessing your parent portal, Google Classroom, or e-textbooks.

Thank you for your support, as we adjust to a new “normal” over the coming weeks. 

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