Alumni Spotlight: Healthcare Heroes!

We are proud of our WCA alumni who work in healthcare! Many members of our school family faithfully serve the Lord as they care for others. We would like to recognize two former students who are on the front lines, helping patients during these challenging times.

Jacob Scribner

Dr. Jacob Scribner is a chief resident at Johnston Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Jacob Scribner graduated from WCA in 2010. He is currently a chief resident at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Virginia. In August, Jacob will begin a fellowship in infectious disease at West Virginia University. He earned his B.S. in Biochemistry from N.C. State University in 2014 and his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Campbell University in 2018. Jacob and his wife, Dr. Michelle Scribner, are hospitalists, and have been treating patients throughout the pandemic.

When Jacob reflects on how WCA prepared him for life after high school, he states, “Academically, I was well-prepared for college in knowledge and study habits (plus extra AP credits helped). Athletically, I learned good exercise habits but also the desire/drive to win in every area in my life. Socially, I was well-adjusted to making friends, working with peers, and talking with professors. Spiritually, Wake gave me a good foundation, so when other ideas were presented, I was prepared to ask the ‘why’ questions and not look foolish.”
Jacob played soccer at WCA where he was a part of two state championship teams. He also states that, “Wake provided me with the building blocks to help me succeed in my life. I know God is using Wake in powerful ways. Also, the environment that Wake provided for me for 13 years was a great nurturing environment. I know the teachers were invested in my future.”

Kirsten Hering Lipps

Kirsten Lipps (right) is a nurse at Duke Medical Center. She is pictured here with Dr. Brackney, the lead on her thesis committee.

Kirsten currently works at Duke University Medical Center where she serves as a floor nurse, charge nurse, and preceptor to new grad nurses on her unit. And she has worked in the first COVID unit at Duke. Kirsten says that, “adapting to care for these new patients has been humbling and exhausting this past year.”

Kirsten graduated from East Carolina University 2016 – a semester early – due to the honors and AP classes she took at WCA. Kirsten was able to skip prerequisite math and English classes altogether and a chemistry classes as well (shout out to Dr. L, Dr. Massengill, and Mr. K!). She is actively pursuing her M.S. in Nursing Education at Appalachian State University.
Kirsten states that, “Wake is truly special, not because of its social environment or academics, but for its efforts to sew the Scripture into every aspect of our learning and life. That has been the most impactful and lasting aspect from my time at Wake, especially now with all the turmoil, reminding myself to look to the Light has been invaluable and essential. Thank you, Wake!”
Both Jacob and Kirsten represent WCA well, and our faculty and staff are proud of their accomplishments. It is a blessing to see our alumni leading and serving others! We are encouraged to hear that their time at WCA helped prepare them for their current roles. 
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