Date Opponent Site Time Dismissal/Result
11/14 St. David’s WCA 4:00pm  (L)
11/25 Cary Christian WCA 7:30pm  (L)
11/26 Harrells Christian Away 4:00pm  (L)
12/3 Grace Christian Away 4:00pm (L)
12/5 Thales Academy WCA 3:45pm (L)
12/10 Ravenscroft Away 4:00pm (L)
12/16 Wilson Christian Away 4:45pm (L)
12/20 New Life Camp WCA 4:00pm (L)
1/7 Ravenscroft WCA 5:00pm (L)
1/9 Neuse Christian Away 5:30pm (L)
1/10 Caldwell Academy Away 4:00pm (L)
1/14 NRCA WCA 5:00pm (L)
1/16 Greensboro Day Away 4:00pm (L)
1/17 Cary Academy WCA 5:00pm (L)
1/21 Durham Academy Away 5:00pm (L)
1/24 Thales Academy Away 5:00pm (L)
1/30 Wilson Christian WCA 4:45pm (L)
1/31 NRCA Away 5:00pm (L)
2/4 Cary Academy Away 4:15pm (L)
2/7 Durham Academy WCA 5:00pm
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