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Psychology/sociology teacher Barbara Williams has a passion for both her profession and the subject she teaches.

“I had a beloved teacher in high school that dearly loved teaching and loved her students. She impressed me so much that I developed that same loving desire to teach,” recounted Mrs. Williams.

She also explained why she loves the subjects she instructs in, especially sociology: “I was drawn to sociology first of all in college. I had a fascination with learning about subjects with a social nature, for example classes in society, industrial psychology, juvenile delinquency… I gobbled up so many sociology courses in college that I soon had a major in that area.”

After earning her B.A. in sociology from UNC Asheville, Mrs. Williams pursued a teaching certificate from Meredith College. She has taught history and criminal justice as well as her current subjects, psychology and sociology. She likes what she currently teaches the best because of how much it interests her as well as how it can benefit her students.

“Many aspects of psychology and sociology can be very personal and lead to a better understanding of our world and of ourselves,” said Mrs. Williams, “Each year I try to challenge my students to take these courses very personally, putting themselves in the pages of their textbooks so that they will gain a better understanding of themselves, the people closest to them, their community, and the world.”

Mrs. Williams also demonstrated how taking her course is helpful for students whether or not they want to pursue a career in a field that relates to psychology or sociology.

“Psychology and sociology are general survey courses that give our students a background in these subjects,” she stated, “Students will gain a general knowledge that will help them get off to a good start when they take these subjects in college, as many college degrees require one or both of these subjects.”

When she’s not helming psychology/sociology class, Mrs. Williams loves to spend time with her husband of forty-three years, Tom, their three adult children, and their three grandchildren. Additionally, Mrs. Williams loves Romeo, her “teddy bear” of a dog  whose hobby is watching television.

Mrs. Williams may love being able to delve into fascinating subjects everyday, but for her, the best part of teaching is reconnecting with her past students. She said, “The most rewarding aspects of teaching for me is seeing our graduates return to Wake Christian Academy and hearing about their life journeys.”


David Williams Alumni Coordinator
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    David Williams  |  Alumni Coordinator
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David Williams, Alumni Coordinator, has worked at Wake Christian Academy for twenty-one years. Before that, he was a student here, graduating in 1987. He earned his bachelor’s in History Education from Methodist University and taught at Wake Christian until becoming Alumni Coordinator in 2014. He still instructs one class, high school Bible.

His job is “to serve fellow and future alumni by planning and supporting school events,” he explained. He also acts as a liaison between the school, its alumni base, current students, and the community.

In addition to his responsibilities as Alumni Coordinator, Mr. Williams coaches varsity and junior varsity football. He shares his love of football with his three sons, Nathaniel, Greyson, and Tanner, all of whom attend Wake Christian. His wife of eighteen years, Janice, also works at the school, teaching math and Bible. Mr. Williams has been a member of the Fairview Fire Department for over two decades. He and his family attend Catawba Springs Christian Church.


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Pam Griffin Assistant High School Principal
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    Pam Griffin  |  Assistant High School Principal
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Assistant High School Principal Pam Griffin, a graduate of Wake Christian Academy, has held her position since 2013.

“One of the main focuses of my job is student scheduling and student affairs,” she said, “Registrar responsibilities are also an aspect of what I do.

“Supporting the high school faculty and being Mr. Helder’s sidekick (I do not use that term lightly) also fall within the responsibilities of this office,” she added.

Mrs. Griffin earned her B.S. in Social Science Education from Liberty University in 1986. That same year, she received a job teaching History/Social Studies to Wake Christian’s eleventh graders. Mrs. Griffin has taught eighth grade History as well as high school Bible at the school. She attained her Master of Education in Teaching and Learning from Liberty University in 2012, and she is working on her Doctorate of Education in Reading and Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University.

When she is not at Wake Christian, Mrs. Griffin enjoys visiting the beach with her husband, John, and daughter, Campbell. She also loves working on the farm she and her family own, Hector’s Creek Farm in Fuquay Varina.

Mrs. Griffin finds the most rewarding aspect of her current position to be “watching students grow in the Lord and maturing in their walk with Christ.”

One of the most fun parts of her job is taking high school students to College for a Weekend every year at her alma mater, Liberty University. She loves showing them around the college she is so proud of.

Mrs. Griffin sees a bright future for Wake Christian and desires to expand and improve the school.

“I would like to see more classroom and collaborative learning spaces,” she said, “I love Wake Christian and desire to see the continued blessings of the Lord on this place.”

David Jeffreys Elementary/Middle School Assistant Principal
Campus Pastor

    David Jeffreys  |  Elementary/Middle School Assistant Principal
    Campus Pastor

Lindsay Myrick High School and Middle School Bible

    Lindsay Myrick  |  High School and Middle School Bible

Malcolm Deans High School Spanish
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Assistant Athletic Director

    Malcolm Deans  |  High School Spanish
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    Assistant Athletic Director

Spanish I teacher Malcolm Deans knows teaching is what he is meant to do.

“What greater calling than to help mold the lives of individuals to serve God,” he said, “It’s a career that I do for life because God has called me to teach.”

Mr. Deans, or as his students call him, Señor Deans, has always been fascinated by the Spanish language. He grew up on a farm where he frequently interacted with Spanish speakers, giving him “a desire to learn the language and culture more.”

He attended Bob Jones University, where he double majored in Spanish and Bible. He finds his position teaching Spanish I as well as high school Bible at Wake Christian Academy rewarding in many ways.

“It’s the opportunity to leave a mark in the hearts of my students that is its own reward,” he said.

He also loves how “dynamic” teaching can be.

“Every day is different in the classroom and not many careers provide an individual with so much room to be creative and autonomous each day,” Mr. Deans said.

Mr. Deans’ students especially love the fun but educational projects he assigns. Two of their favorites are writing and illustrating a children’s book in Spanish and researching a Spanish-speaking country. He surmised that the country project is so well liked because students prepare and share food from the country they choose to learn about.

Mr. Deans has been married to his wife, Pamela, for twenty-three years, and they have one daughter, Lydia. He is very involved at Wake Christian. Mr. Deans coaches volleyball here and participates in the yearly school-sponsored mission trips to Latin America. He has traveled to many Spanish-speaking countries and said his favorite area is the Amazon River area of Peru.

He emphasizes two things to his students: the importance of hard work and the value of mistakes.

“Some students are more naturally gifted than others, but even the most gifted student will not achieve much if they are lazy,” he said, “It is nearly impossible to be successful at anything if you are not willing to work hard.”

Mr. Deans also wants his students to see the good that can come through making a mistake.

“The greatest lessons in life result because of failures,” he stated, “It is the lessons learned from those mistakes that help make us who we become.”


Mike Woods Head of School

    Mike Woods  |  Head of School

Mike Woods, Wake Christian Academy’s Head of School, seldom gets bored with his job.

“As Head of School, I have the privilege of interacting with and providing direction to all areas of the school,” he said, “It is very interesting to move from discussing elementary curriculum with Mrs. Sauls to reviewing the next facility project with Mr. Jeffreys.”

Mr. Woods graduated from Wake Christian in 1986 and four years later received his bachelor’s in Speech Communication from North Carolina State University. He was a Wake County Deputy Sheriff from 1990 until 1995, the year he began teaching at Wake Christian Academy. Since then, he has held many positions at Wake Christian, from high school science teacher to middle school principal.

Mr. Woods has been Wake Christian’s Head of School for twelve years. Since becoming the Head of School, he has earned his master’s in Christian School Administration from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. For him, the most rewarding part of his job is seeing his student’s successes.

“I have had the privilege of seeing former students who have completed college, gotten married, and are making a positive difference for the Lord in their community,” he said, “Some of my former students have their children at Wake Christian, which is the highest compliment we could ever receive.”

When he is not at school, Mr. Woods enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and his three children, all of whom attend Wake Christian.

“I also enjoy teaching the Newlywed Adult Bible Class at church, running, working outside, and reading,” he said.

Mr. Woods is thankful to work at the same place where he first heard about Jesus.

“Now as Head of School, I have the opportunity to share my faith with my students,” he said, “I want our school to prepare students to use the gifts and talents they have been given by God for His glory.”


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