Janet Woodward Art Assistant
Deborah Whary Kindergarten
Lauren Sebold Fifth Grade
Alice Kent First Grade Assistant
Mikayla Hurt Third Grade
Kelly Thompson Third Grade
Jessica Griffith First Grade
Allison Mosley Second Grade
Kimberly Causer Fourth Grade
Erica Underwood Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Molly Savage Kindergarten Assistant
Sandra Sauls Elementary Principal
Beau Barger Physical Education
Lori Holleman Second Grade Teacher Assistant

    Lori Holleman  |  Second Grade Teacher Assistant

Lalea Evans Elementary Computer
Rachel Hensley Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Dawn Herring Administrative Assistant to Elementary Principal

    Dawn Herring  |  Administrative Assistant to Elementary Principal

Victoria Rogers Individual Learning Center Specialist
Terry Scott Kindergarten Teacher
Jessica Wrench Fifth Grade
Todd Medlin Band Director
Becky Lewis Elementary Curriculum Assistant Individual Learning Center

    Becky Lewis  |  Elementary Curriculum Assistant Individual Learning Center

Irene Jones Elementary Spanish
Jennifer Hinton Fourth Grade
Beverly Schwerman Fifth Grade
Abigail Rebollar-Solis First Grade
Kellie Fowler Second Grade
Christy Flynn Kindergarten
Chelle Fisher Third Grade
Grade Chair
Leyanah Kelly Elementary Music
Middle and High School Orchestra

    Leyanah Kelly  |  Elementary Music
    Middle and High School Orchestra

Rachael Dramis First Grade
Gayle Davis Art
Kristin Frazier Fine Arts Chorus and Choirs
April Blalock Fourth Grade
Grade Chair
Connie Beck Second Grade
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