Jerri Craft Individual Learning Center

    Jerri Craft  |  Individual Learning Center

Individual Learning Center specialist Jerri Craft works with first through fifth graders who have fallen behind in the classroom and need one-on-one or small group attention. She received her bachelor’s in Elementary Education from UNC-Wilmington.

Much of her job is working with students with learning disabilities, and she also meets with parents and teachers to design educational plans so that each student can reach their academic goals.

She works with some students for their entire elementary career and enjoys watching them progress academically and spiritually. When she is not teaching, she enjoys reading and cooking as well as watching her children, sophomore Bran and freshman Savannah, play sports.

Mrs. Craft finds it a “privilege to minister not only to my students but also to their parents. I like for my classroom to be a safe and inviting place.”

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