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    Dennis Hensley  |  High School Science

Ninth grade science teacher Dennis Hensley has instructed at Wake Christian Academy for nearly thirteen years. Growing up, he readily admits that he “was not a big ‘fan’ of school,” but today he enjoys his job “working with and teaching young people.”

He adds that his “motivation” as a teacher is “to be a part of the next generation … helping them both in and out of the classroom.”

Teaching is a family affair for Hensley, whose wife is a preschool teacher. They have three children, all of whom attend Wake Christian.

Hensley received his Masters in Education from Campbell University and he says the “most rewarding part” of teaching for him is “to help someone see themselves as a ‘success’ … to help motivate them to find their niche or their place in how they can show their own abilities and not see their disabilities.”

Currently in charge of Wake Christian’s physical science classes, Hensley says his “interest in science has been God’s hand in how science is a part of everything we see and can’t see. I chose science as a means of showing how creation is just that — creation — and try to explain this to my students in comparing creation versus evolution in all parts of science.”

Beyond academics, where Hensley says his main “responsibility is to help [his students] understand the confusing parts,” he tries “to help them see beyond the classroom and see where they will impact others beyond these next few years.”

“I want them to know that the impact they have on others — good or bad, even for a brief moment — can last a lifetime,” he adds.

Hensley’s caring attitude toward his pupils makes it no surprise he also spends his time working with them on the field too, coaching the Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball, and Junior High Softball programs.

He explains that in addition to watching students grow in class, “I enjoy working with the students outside of the classroom on the sports field and seeing them in their element.”

Hensley’s involvement in the lives of his students both in and out of the classroom gives him a special connection to his students that adds to one of the many things that helps students feel at home at Wake Christian.


Lucy Brock High School Science
Science Department Chair

    Lucy Brock  |  High School Science
    Science Department Chair

Dr. Lucy Brock, Science Department Chair, teaches Anatomy/Physiology, AP Biology, and AP Physics here at Wake Christian Academy. Before she was a teacher, Dr. Brock was a research associate/lab director and made the change to being a teacher because it was a better fit for her family.

“I didn’t look back,” she remembers, “Teaching science in a godly school in this day and age is exciting.”

To her, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is “sharing God and his handiwork” in science.

She stated, “Christian schools are emphasizing ‘integrating’ Biblical principles… I cannot ‘integrate’ principles. God, His Word, [and] His principles are integral to the fabric of our very being. What I do is unfold the fabric, like unfurling tapestries. He doesn’t need me to integrate… He allows me the privilege and joy of being a part of His work at Wake Christian.”

Dr. Brock also added that high school is her “favorite age to teach because the students are old enough that God is talking directly to them and dealing with them, as He did with the prophets such as Daniel.”

She elaborated, “I get to watch the kids grow up during high school, go out into the big world beyond Wake Christian, become parents. It is very exciting to see what great people they are becoming.”

When she’s not in the classroom, Dr. Brock enjoys eating out and riding motorcycles with her husband. She loves nature, and that’s part of what drew her to the field of science.

Dr. Brock stresses the importance of responsibility and leadership to her student. She wants all of her students to realize that high school is never a waste of time but a season of life for them to practice being godly adults  and “take advantage of the opportunities” high school offers for them to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

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