Nathan Lipps Facilities

    Nathan Lipps  |  Facilities

Jami Cruikshank Middle School/High School Administrative Assistant

    Jami Cruikshank  |  Middle School/High School Administrative Assistant

Becky Matthews Director of Human Resources
Ginger Robbins Assistant to the Head of School
Ricky Martin Director of Safety and Security
Dawn Herring Administrative Assistant to Elementary Principal

    Dawn Herring  |  Administrative Assistant to Elementary Principal

David Williams Alumni Coordinator
High School Bible

    David Williams  |  Alumni Coordinator
    High School Bible

Wayne Helder High School Principal
High School Bible
Rebecca Baker Finance Associate
Beth Stewart School Nurse
Randy Johnson Athletic Director
Cameron Taylor Facilities

    Cameron Taylor  |  Facilities

Ronnie Jeffreys Director of Facilities
Ricky Hering Director of Budget and Finance

    Ricky Hering  |  Director of Budget and Finance



Mike Woods Head of School
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