Fun Run

Introducing WCA’s inaugural Fun Run!

The Fun Run will be held during the school day on October 16th (K-5) and 17th (6-12). 

Will there be sponsor opportunities?

Our Corporate Sponsors will be listed on the back of our free Fun Run t-shirt for all students to wear the day of the Run. Click HERE to become a corporate sponsor!

How will my child raise funds?

Your child will be given a link to share via email or on social media with anyone you want!

How will the funds raised be spent?

The funds raised will benefit individual classrooms, upperclassmen end-of-year trips, and the annual fund (including all-school improvements, fine arts, technology, professional development, athletics and financial aid).

Does this replace our fall Jr. and Sr. Fundraisers?

Yes! All juniors and seniors will receive 50% of what they raise for their personal trip. Any money raised by students not going on the class trips will go into the class accounts. The Fun Run will not replace the senior play fundraiser.


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