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High School Students working on an experiment in a science class at Wake Christian Academny | Raleigh, NC

As one of the leading Christian schools in Raleigh, N.C., Wake Christian Academy provides both a challenging and supportive academic environment in which your child can thrive.

From Kindergarten to grade 12, our curriculum choices stretch imaginations and intellects, while planting the seeds of spiritual maturity and shaping responsible citizens of this country and of the world. Our academic program is designed to mold servants of Christ – whether in the classroom, in the church, or in the world.

In the Classroom

As C.S. Lewis once said, “Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered” (from Learning in War-Time). Well-reasoned arguments against truth, scripture and Christianity will exist whether we instruct our students in God’s truth or not, so why not arm them for the battle with learning, one of the chief weapons in the arsenal of a Christian?

Wake Christian Academy takes seriously the preparatory function of education, teaching our students to humbly submit to God’s truth in every subject area, to think critically about the world, and to engage the culture around them with winsome grace and courageous faith.

Whether learning their ABC’s for the first time or reading Macbeth for senior English, students at our Christian school in Raleigh, N.C., are guided by experienced, spiritually mature teachers who model intellectual inquiry and who believe in the power of minds transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the Church

It is part of WCA’s mission to “partner with the church for the purpose of equipping young people for the service of God.” Our Christian school reinforces the teaching of the local church and as a result, our students enjoy the advantages of consistent spiritual and intellectual instruction. Where better to learn to serve and to lead than within the body of Christ?

The goal of all our instruction is Gospel-motivated faithful service, and we believe that the educational preparation our students receive at WCA should equip them to serve in their local church. With this in mind, we give our high school students opportunities to lead worship at our weekly chapel services, encouraging them to take ownership of their faith and model faithful service. Our middle and elementary school students attend chapel services, learning from the example of the older students.

Our school community welcomes students from a wide range of Bible-believing churches in the Raleigh area, focusing on the central tenets of the Christian faith that unite us. For more information about our Confession of Faith, please click here.

In the World

WCA’s educational philosophy is simple: to teach God’s Truth, and to teach it well so that our students are prepared to engage the world for Christ, giving “an answer for the hope that is within them.” (1 Peter 3:15)

Our students engage the world incidentally in a number of ways during their years at WCA – through athletics, the fine arts, academic achievement and more. Central to their educational experience at WCA, however, is an intentional service component, instilled as a priority in the younger years, when teachers and classroom “moms” help elementary students choose “service initiatives”, and practiced more actively by our older students who fulfill annual service requirements.

Far from being just a number to meet or a box to check, WCA’s service component is structured to encourage thoughtful, enthusiastic involvement. All students participate, faculty and staff actively support the process, and “service learning” forms a core aspect of the school’s broader educational vision. Whether serving at a homeless shelter in Raleigh, tutoring at-risk kids, or ministering to senior citizens, our students learn that true Christian leadership begins and ends with service.

When Christ finished his earthly ministry, he commissioned his followers to “go and make disciples of every nation.” At WCA, we take his words literally, teaching our students to take the hope of the Gospel and the message of salvation to a hopeless, dying world through faithful, selfless service.

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