Spiritual Life at Wake Christian Academy

A private school in Raleigh, NC, where Jesus Christ is preeminent in life and learning

Since your child was born, there have been many things you hoped for their future. As you look into their eyes, you see the wonderful possibilities — maybe you think about your child sharing fun stories during dinner time as you welcome them home after a fulfilling day in school. Or you picture them years older, excitedly telling you about a job offer as they pursue the career of their dreams.

But, among all these things, you envision your child growing in their faith
 …and boldly answering God’s calling in their lives.

Here at Wake Christian Academy, we desire the same things. As a private school in Raleigh, NC, our mission is to partner with the home and church, provide a Christ-centered education, and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This same mission is what fuels every part of our culture, and we’re inviting you to get a glimpse of how your child can thrive in our school.

Discover Spiritual Life at WCA.


Spiritual Life Distinctives

A commitment to living and teaching God’s truth

Perhaps as a parent, you’re concerned about your child not learning Christ-centered values in school. You’re worried about misaligned worldviews that could negatively influence your child’s heart and mind.

We understand that! This is why as a private Christian school, we work hard to instill an environment where God’s Word is taught and practiced.

Integrating a Biblical Worldview in Daily Living

At WCA, a Christ-centered worldview permeates every area of learning. We begin with a word of prayer for all events, such as a fine arts concert, athletic competitions, or even the start of classes daily. We also participate in events such as the National Day of Prayer, where students gather on the campus to pray for the school, families, the country, and its leaders. In addition, a culture of kindness, compassion, and love is felt throughout our day-to-day interactions.

Age-Appropriate Bible Lessons

We teach God’s Word in ways where lessons resonate from the youngest learners to our more mature high school students. For example, our kindergartners hear an illustrated story of Jesus feeding the five thousand, while our juniors and seniors dive deep into theology.

Small Group Settings

It’s important that students find a spiritual community to share concerns that are relevant to them. As part of our spiritual life initiatives, our older students have discussions about the Bible in all-girls or all-boys small groups. During these classes, they have the opportunity to gain insights from their peers who share their struggles as well as their victories.

Forming an Identity in Christ

At WCA, we strive for students to understand that their identity is found in Christ, not in the world. A great example of how we put this into practice is our CORE classes for middle school, where students learn to put into action a God-centered worldview in daily life. These include topics such as social media use, friendships, or finding their identity in Christ.

Do you have any questions about Wake Christian Academy?

We’re happy to answer them! Please reach out to Dori Franklin, our Director of Advancement, at (919) 772-6264 or admissions@wakechristianacademy.com.

Faith-Filled Activities

Spiritual growth for every age and stage

Spiritual life at WCA is vibrant, with many opportunities for all students to stay engaged inside and outside the classroom. Aside from weekly chapel service, we offer regular spiritual activities for every grade level.


Our kindergartners enjoy reading the Storybook Bible as part of their daily class routine. In these readings, they learn lessons from God’s creation to the book of Revelation.

Students are also taught about having “heart choices,” where they can apply biblical wisdom in their daily decisions.

Christian school student praying in classroom

Elementary School

It’s our deepest desire to foster servant-leader hearts at this stage. Aside from Bible classes, elementary students put their faith into action by taking part in service projects.

Each year, our elementary leads our campus in a canned food drive, a coat drive, and a toy drive to benefit local area ministries.

Middle School

Middle schoolers face a unique season of growth. Friends matter more, and there is a strong need to belong.

This is why at WCA, we implement CORE classes and Habitudes, which are about aligning one’s habits and attitudes with biblical values. Some example topics include “Balcony” and “Basement” friends (relationships that bring you ‘up’ or ‘down’) or ways to live out one’s faith. In addition, middle and high school students enjoy our Fall Revival event, and they can also serve on our worship team during weekly chapels.

High School

During high school, there’s an emphasis on godliness and servanthood, as students are required to complete Christian service hours as part of Bible class. They can help in the local soup kitchen, assist a neighbor in raking leaves, or volunteer at their local church.

In addition, they participate in pooling donations for Operation Christmas Child and raise money for their mission trip to Guatemala.

“Because of Wake Christian, I have matured in my walk with Christ. The chapel services and the wonderful work done by our teachers and coaches have helped me see my true identity. My identity is found in Christ, not in the grades I make or the sports I play.”

Esther Franklin, WCA Class of 2024

“My faith has definitely grown a lot since coming to Wake Christian. I have had a lot of trials in my life, but this school has taught me so much when I was losing faith in God. Going to chapel and talking to other students and teachers helped through it all so being at Wake Christian has helped me so much with my relationship with God.”

Nia McCurry, WCA Class of 2025

Teacher Mentorship

A commitment to living and teaching God’s truth

Our teachers are more than educators — they’re mentors and encouragers deeply aligned with the Word of God. 

  • Genuine care: Teachers take the time to get to know every student and see them as more than just a number. Each child feels supported because our faculty fosters open communication with parents to understand personal concerns that can impact how they’re doing in school.
  • Biblical discipline: Teachers extend the same grace to students as God gives to His people. However, they also instill authority in the classroom and command respect in a loving way.
  • Continuous growth: The WCA team is always discovering ways to equip teachers and staff to relate to things that matter to students. Some examples include continuing education opportunities for faculty and incorporating principles that are relevant in ministering to the hearts of the younger generation.

“As educators, it is incredibly important to continue our own education in order to constantly improve our performance in the classroom as well as demonstrate lifelong learning to our students. WCA leadership fully understands this concept and supports each teacher in their academic endeavors. Together, we give the students the best education with up-to-date practices and a passion for learning.”

April Howze, Middle School Teacher & Academic Coordinator

Preview our Christ-centered culture.

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