International Student Admissions


Wake Christian Academy (WCA) is proud to offer a program for international students. Our mission is to welcome students from outside the United States in the hopes that we can influence their lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while giving them an experience in American education and culture. 

Program Description

The WCA International student program is designed to work with students on an I-20 Visa throughout their high school years. Student families work with our international agent, Dr. Jacob Huang from Jacob International, on completing I-20 applications, applying for the school enrollment, and financial contracts. WCA offers an ESL support teacher who assists the international students during their mandatory study hall. Students live with a host family while in the US and have access to return home during extended school breaks. International students are welcome to join any club, athletic team, fine arts or academic programs they qualify for while studying at WCA.

Program Requirements

  • Application for enrollment
    WCA requires online application standards including a copy of a translated transcript, current report card, and TOEFL or Duolingo testing. A minimum score of 80 on the TOEFL test OR 90 on the Duolingo test is necessary in order to excel in our academic program. WCA also requires an academic English assessment based on a school-supplied prompt and a face-to-face interview (held in person or virtually) with our principal before acceptance. International student applications are due no later than February 15th in order for the necessary Visas and paperwork to be secured for the student to begin on the first day of the academic year. We do not allow students to begin school after the first week of school has passed. 
  • Financial obligation
    The International student fee of $3,000 per year plus the cost of tuition is collected at the time of enrollment each year. 
  • Student Policy Agreement
    International students must adhere to all policies and procedures as set forth in our handbooks, including but not limited to Parent/Student Handbook, Athletic Handbook and Band Handbook. If a Student at any time is determined to not be abiding by these policies, they will be dismissed from our International Program.

2023-2024 WCA International Student Tuition/Fees:

$200 Application Fee

$3,000 International Student Fee

$10,425 High School Tuition (Please see the Tuition and Fees page for the most updated information)


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