Enrollment Process & Current Availability

Enrollment Process & Availability

Thank you for your interest in Wake Christian Academy! We look forward to meeting your family and sharing more about the opportunities ahead for your child. Individualized attention is a hallmark of the WCA experience, and our admissions process is no exception. During this exciting time, we anticipate partnering with you to ensure your student is set up for success.

6 Simple Steps to Joining the WCA Family

  1. Come Visit! We welcome (but do not require) you to get started by scheduling a tour at WCA! It’s a great opportunity to explore our campus and receive grade-specific information. First Look Fridays are scheduled September through April. If you missed this opportunity, email the admissions office to schedule a personal tour.
  2. Apply Online. Create an online application and submit your application fee. Our admissions coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. The application window is November 15 through April 30 each year. If you have missed the window for the current year, click here to get on the information list for the future.
  3. Complete your online checklist. When you complete your pre-application, you will be given access to our admissions portal. Inside you’ll find a virtual checklist with supplemental information we need from you. You will be required to get recommendation forms from a current teacher and your pastor through the portal. We must have these recommendations, along with the rest of the checklist items, before an application will be reviewed.
  4. Schedule Student Assessment. After all checklist items are uploaded, you may choose the date for your academic assessment. K-5 students will have a 1-1 assessment and 6-12 students will take a written test with a proctor.
  5. Meet the Principal. The next step is an interview with one of our Principals. This is a time for the whole family to learn more about the values of our school and the opportunities available here, as well as for us to get acquainted with you.

  6. Make it Official! If accepted, you will receive an official letter welcoming you to the WCA family. This letter will be sent within 5-7 days of your principal interview. The final steps are signing the enrollment contract and paying the enrollment fee (your first tuition payment).

Current Openings 

While we wish we could welcome every family who desires a high-quality Christian education, the reality is many of our grades reach capacity during enrollment season. The chart below reflects current availability for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • Open means we currently have seats available in this grade. If you apply now and meet enrollment criteria, there’s a high chance your child will be accepted. 
  • Wait Pool means this grade is currently full, but we welcome you to apply and join our wait pool. If a seat opens, we will notify you as soon as possible.
    Our wait pool is sorted based on the following priorities:
    *Staff and Faculty student applications
    *Siblings of other student applicants
    *Applications from WCA alumni families
    *All other applications
  • Closed means the grade is full and the wait pool is full. We hope you’ll consider applying next year!


Kindergarten Limited Availability. Contact the Admissions office for assistance.
First Grade  Closed
Second Grade Closed
Third Grade  Closed
Fourth Grade Closed
Fifth Grade  Closed
Sixth Grade Closed
Seventh Grade Closed
Eighth Grade Closed
Ninth Grade  Closed
Tenth Grade Closed
Eleventh Grade  Closed
Twelfth Grade  Closed annually.
WCA does not accept rising seniors.

* last updated 04/11/2024

Tuition & Financial Aid 

Tuition is always a consideration during the admissions process. At WCA, we aim to keep tuition affordable for as many families as possible. We offer financial assistance (up to 30% off total tuition cost), and we also accept a limited number of third-party scholarships, such as the N.C. Opportunity Scholarship. Applications are reviewed in a fair and confidential manner, and applying for financial assistance has no bearing on a child’s admissibility to WCA.



When can we apply to WCA?
Our admissions cycle runs November through April. From November 1-15, siblings of current students have priority for new enrollments. Open enrollment begins November 15 and continues through April 30, or until we reach capacity. 

If my child’s grade has a wait pool, what are the chances they’ll get in?
It’s always our goal to enroll as many children on our wait pool as possible. While we can’t guarantee a seat will open, we do encourage you to start the application process as soon as possible, as applications are considered in the order they are completed (not started).

What if you have space for one of my children but not the other?
Please consider submitting an application for all of your children and getting on the wait pool. As seats become available, many families will prioritize their children’s ages and individual needs, sending one to WCA and one to another school (or homeschooling) for a year. Siblings receive priority enrollment for the following school year.

If my child is on the wait pool, how will you stay in touch with me?
If a seat opens for your child, we’ll contact you via email as soon as possible to move you forward in the application process.


Ready to get started? 

Create your pre-application online, or contact us with questions. We look forward to meeting your family soon!

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