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private high school in Raleigh, NC - Wake Christian AcademyBold Discipleship

Teenagers ask bold questions, and they require bold answers. Accepted beliefs are  challenged as our young people encounter the world, experience their freedoms and exercise their God-given talents.

At Wake Christian Academy, we believe we are uniquely qualified to mold and shape these disciples – disciples ready to give an answer for the  hope within them (I Peter 3:15) – because we aim to teach and model the Truth, unashamedly, in every area.

WCA offers a challenging and supportive environment for academic inquiry, and with three tracks – College Placement, Honors and Advanced Placement – we meet the needs of a wide range of student abilities and interests. We offer ten AP courses in six subject areas, as well as an exciting course in Biotechnology, a hands-on class that introduces students to DNA analysis and forensics.

Our goal is to make each Wake Christian Academy high school student a worker “who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15) and who is strong in the faith (II Timothy 1:12, 2:1).


Spiritual Focus

Daily Bible class
Integration of Biblical truths in all subjects
Mission outreach
Scripture memory
Weekly chapels

Academic Enrichment 

Accelerated Reader
Field Trips
IXL Math
Fine Arts
Student Council

Elective Courses

AP Music Theory
Concert Bells (H)
Chorale (H) – audition
Symphonic/Marching Band
Teacher’s Aide
Girls’ Weight Training
Boys’ Weight Training
Yearbook (H) – application required

Advanced Placement Courses

AP United States History
AP Music Theory
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
AP Biology
AP Spanish
AP Language & Composition
AP Literature & Composition
5-Year Score Summary


Helpful Links

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Transcript Request

Links to College Financial Aid and Scholarships


Learn More

To learn more about how Wake Christian Academy’s high school program prepares our students for college and for life, request more information today. Call us at 919-334-0994 or email our admissions office.



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