Bulldogs In The Limelight!

Elementary School

Students begin to learn valuable public speaking skills as they perform an annual class play each year. These performances emphasize biblical values and godly character traits in new and exciting ways. There are plenty of smiles and proud moments as our youngest students memorize their lines and music!

Middle School

Drama is offered as an elective to middle school students. This class meets every-other day, with opportunities to perform short skits and plays throughout the year. Large and small-group dramatic and theatrical performances help to build confidence as students grow and develop.

High School

Each senior class presents a play to our school family and community each winter. Participation is a voluntary extracurricular activity. Graduates reflect fondly on the weeks they spend rehearsing with their classmates and bonding with friends. WCA students have performed many classics that are recognized and beloved by audiences. Students who are not interested in performing a cast part may be part of the stage crew, makeup and wardrobe crew, or in the pit orchestra.

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