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Kindergarten is an open door of bright and beautiful possibilities for your child — it is a time of transition for them to learn more, get to know others, and have key experiences that will set their core values for life.

As your little one enters this phase of growth, you may be asking … 

“How can I ensure that he learns the academic foundations to succeed in school?”

“What other programs can I enroll her in, ensuring that I cater to her unique gifts?”

“How can I instill faith and Godly values in him through learning?”

With this in mind, you want to choose a kindergarten program that understands your innermost hopes and desires for your child.

As you discover Kindergarten at Wake Christian Academy, you will find that our curriculum, teaching philosophy, and environment all encompass what is truly important for you as a parent. WCA offers solid academic programs, opportunities for socialization, and a secure, nurturing environment that sets up your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Strong Academics

Kindergartners will learn about core subjects such as Bible, reading, math, science, and social studies. Your child will experience a combination of classroom lessons, hands-on activities, individual projects, and group work that will allow them to learn in various ways. 

Expanding from core subjects, your child will learn enriching lessons in music, Spanish, art, and media. Other educational activities are part of WCA’s Kindergarten curriculum, such as:

  • Field trips
  • Athletic events
  • Thematic learning
  • Group and individual projects
  • Science fun for everyone lab day 

Ready to learn about a private Christian kindergarten in Raleigh, NC that considers your child’s all-encompassing needs? Download Wake Christian Academy’s Kindergarten E-book to know more.

Biblical Values

At the heart of WCA’s teaching philosophy is the desire to instill a Christian worldview in early learners. We believe that nurturing a child’s spirit through God’s Word is as important as sharpening their minds.

Our Kindergarten program has different activities to promote biblical values, such as memorizing scripture, weekly chapel sessions, and missions-related events. These offerings, along with an academic curriculum deeply tied to a biblical worldview, help children understand and live out their roles in God’s Kingdom even at an early age.

Dedicated Teachers

Leaping into Kindergarten will be a fun and fulfilling experience with our dedicated teachers. We believe that all children have distinct learning styles; thus, our passionate educators work to cater to their diverse needs.

Our classroom activities encourage socialization in close-knit groups while children learn through different structured and play-based topics. Teachers create thoughtful lesson plans that balance theoretical and hands-on learning.

A Day in the Life of a WCA Kindergartener

What’s a day like for a kindergartner in WCA? Little learners have a range of engaging and enriching daily activities:

Spiritual growth

  • Bible reading
  • Memorizing scripture
  • Bible-based lessons
  • Songs
  • Prayer time

Core subjects

  • Math
  • Phonics and Reading
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Handwriting

Enrichment activities

  • Spanish, Music, Art, Library, Chapel
  • Crafts
  • Thematic games
  • Storytime
  • Hands-on projects 
  • Free play and socialization
  • Center time (games, blocks, home play, ipads)
  • Reading
  • Rest time

The Kindergarten schedule is structured to promote biblically-integrated learning while ensuring that each child remains engaged in the diverse lessons and activities. Ample time for rest, free play, and socialization are also part of the day — we believe that productive breaks help kindergartners recharge and learn best. Want to see more details on a typical Kindergarten class schedule at WCA? You can download our Parent Guide E-book here.

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