Music Education Begins Early

Fine Arts Director Susan Burke says, “Goals in my choral classroom include teaching ideas and concepts to students that will engage them and help develop a love of music. Talent and musical ability from the Lord can be carried through all aspects of life, no matter what path you choose. James 1:17 tells us, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” What better way to glorify God than to give those gifts back to Him, as we serve and worship Him in music.”


Students in third through fifth grade have the opportunity to participate in our elementary chorus groups, which meet once per week. Throughout the year, students learn, review, and expand-on concepts within rhythms and steady beats. Students explore the difference between singing voice and speaking voice, and match notes (or pitch) with their singing voices. They begin to hear and understand melodies and harmonies. It’s exciting to see young vocalists begin to understand how to read a score and discover articulations as they learn to perform as a group! 

Middle and High School Classes and Extracurricular Opportunities 

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