In which conferences or associations do your athletic teams compete?
Wake Christian Academy competes in the Triangle Independent Schools Athletic Conference (TISAC) – the 3A Division of the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA).

Common Core

Click here for Common Core State Standards FAQs.

Elementary School

What curriculum is used?
A Beka is used primarily in the lower grades. It provides a phonetic approach to reading. Bob Jones Press materials are integrated beginning in first grade with Spelling. The Bible curriculum is used in second through fifth grade. Third grade shifts to Bob Jones reading to provide further development of comprehension skills. The traditional manuscript style of handwriting is taught in kindergarten and first grade. Cursive is introduced in second and reviewed in third.

In the Elementary what is the class size?
The elementary class size ranges between 20 to 24 students per class. Kindergarten classes have full-time teacher’s assistants. First and second grade classes have a floating assistant. Third through fifth grades classes have a “shared” assistant.


What is your tuition?
Click here for cost information.

What is FACTS?
Families that choose the 10 or 12 month plan MUST enroll in the FACTS payment service.

Does WCA offer tuition assistance?
Wake Christian Academy offers need-based tuition assistance for families. Families who qualify can receive up to 25% of the tuition amount. If you have questions about tuition assistance or would like to apply, go to FAST and click on the online application.


What is your doctrinal policy?
Please click here to see our Confession of Faith.

Does WCA have a dress code?
Yes. Please see the Handbook for details on our dress code.

What credentials do your teachers hold?
Faculty members are certified with the North Carolina Christian School Association. Additionally, many are certified with the North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction. Annually, the faculty and staff of Wake Christian Academy participate in continuing education classes to enrich their academic credentials, maintain their teaching certification or to simply cultivate new educational skills. Each teacher must complete approximately twenty hours of continuing education per year.


What mission opportunities are available?
We offer mission opportunities for all our students K-12.  For more information please click here for our Missions Page.


What technology is used at WCA?
Click here for a full overview of our technology.

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