Individualized Learning

Individual Learning Center (K-5) and Curriculum Assistance Program (6-12)


Wake Christian Academy’s mission of partnering with the home and church to provide a Christ-centered quality education and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ is maintained and enhanced through the content and methodology of the Individualized Learning Center (ILC) and Curriculum Assistance Program (CAP). We believe each child is a unique individual created by God in His image and thus deserves a quality education. We believe a child should be enabled to reach his/her fullest potential spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Without the specialized instruction provided by the ILC and CAP, some members of our student population could not continue their education at Wake Christian Academy successfully.


The Wake Christian Academy ILC/CAP program was created to accomplish a two-fold mission: to remediate academic weakness while closing “skill gaps” and to serve as an auxiliary support to the regular classroom teacher through collaborative consultation. The ILC and CAP instruct students with diverse learning styles and needs.


Kindergarten-5th Grade: Consultation services and academic screening are offered to kindergarten – 5th grade students who encounter academic difficulties in core academic subjects or who may need assistance with speech or language skills. Students may be recommended and considered for services following (1) the review of testing results completed by an educational psychologist or (2) the review of four-to-six weeks of documented classroom differentiation and accommodation strategies. Updated testing is required every three years.

1st-2nd GradesIntensive instruction in reading comprehension, word decoding, and written language is provided to students who have been identified for inclusion in the program. 

3rd-4th GradesStudents identified for academic assistance are required to complete testing from an educational psychologist or medical professional to assess academic achievement and cognitive development during the 3rd grade year. Third and fourth grade instruction emphasizes a strong grammar and written language component. 

5th GradeInstruction in learning strategies are incorporated into the language curriculum to provide students with tools for academic success and greater independence as they transition to middle school.

Elementary Summer ProgramThe Elementary ILC coordinates a summer program designed to remediate academic deficits and enhance student performance for students referred by their teachers.

6th-12th Grades (Curriculum Assistance Program) Middle and high school CAP is a resource for both the student and their teacher. Psychoeducational testing is required and must be updated every three years to receive any classroom accommodations. A student will receive an individualized educational plan.  This plan is based on evaluations provided by professional psychologists, which are specific to each student’s needs. This plan is crafted by the collaboration of testing results with input from other academic support members such as principals, teachers, parents, and students. Each teacher receives the plan and helps the student achieve their academic goals.


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