Individualized Learning

Individual Learning Center (K-5) and Curriculum Assistance Program (6-12)


Wake Christian Academy’s mission of partnering with the home and church to provide a Christ-centered quality education and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ is maintained and enhanced through the content and methodology of the Individualized Learning Center (ILC) and Curriculum Assistance Program (CAP).  We believe that each child is a unique individual created by God in His image and thus is deserving of a quality education. We believe the child should be enabled to reach his fullest potential spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  Without the specialized instruction provided by the ILC and CAP, some members of our student population would be unable to successfully continue their education at Wake Christian Academy.


Our mission is two-fold: to remediate academic weakness while closing “skill gaps” and to serve as an auxiliary support to the regular classroom teacher through collaborative consultation. ILC and CAP provide individual instruction to students with diverse learning styles and needs. Our goal is to eliminate academic weaknesses while maximizing learning strengths.


Kindergarten-5th Grade: Consultation services and academic screening are offered to kindergarten- 5th grade students who encounter academic difficulties in core academic subjects or who may need assistance with speech or language skills.

1st-4th Grades: Intensive instruction in reading comprehension, word decoding, and written language is provided to students who have been identified for inclusion in the program.  Grades 3 and 4 instruction emphasizes a strong grammar and written language component.

5th Grade: Instruction in learning strategies is incorporated into the language curriculum to provide students with tools for academic success and greater independence as they transition to middle school.

Elementary Summer Program: The Elementary ILC coordinates a summer program designed to remediate academic deficits and enhance student performance for students referred by their teachers.

6th-9th Grades: Middle and high school curriculum assistance program is a resource for both the student and their teacher.  The CAP teacher has consistent personal and electronic communication with each student’s classroom teacher. The focus is primarily on math, but assistance is also provided for language arts.  Assistance includes reviewing work for correct processes, performing additional problems to reinforce concepts, and providing additional practice through utilizing online material and tools. The CAP teacher seeks to teach or sharpen skills, such as, organization and note-taking that will provide a direct educational benefit to the students regardless of the subject matter.

10th-12th Grades: The high school provides academic assistance or modifications as needed through the classroom teacher. Appropriate modifications are made for the student and monitored by the teacher and principal. Appropriate modification may include the following: extended time for testing and/or other work, allowance to make corrections for ½ credit, oral testing, use of a word bank, and/or alternative grading for essay questions.

Middle and High Summer Program: The middle and high school CAP program is not offered in the summer.

Referral Model:

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