Tuition Assistance at Wake Christian Academy

Explore how you can afford a quality private Christian school education

Picture this — you’re a parent, finally making concrete plans to enroll your child in a private Christian school. You’re excited about the possibilities: better academics, more attention and care from teachers, and an overall sense of safety.

However, you also recognize that with those benefits comes a price tag. And with the rising costs of living, maybe you’re wondering how you can afford tuition.

Our Commitment to Families

At Wake Christian Academy, a private Christian school in Raleigh, NC, it’s our mission to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered education and make it attainable for the children in our community. 

Thanks to the generous help of our sponsors, Annual Fund donors, and gift-givers, we’re able to cover a percentage of the cost of tuition for families who need it. Every contribution plays a role in our vision to teach every part of life and learning through the lens of God’s Word.

Explore tuition assistance at Wake Christian Academy.

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Tuition Assistance Options

There are several ways you can afford tuition at WCA. The first option is our in-house tuition assistance program, which you can apply for once your child is enrolled. We also offer payment plans and accept scholarships and grants.

In-house tuition assistance

Wake Christian Academy’s tuition assistance is a needs-based program that allows families to apply for financial aid once their child is accepted to our school. We use a third-party platform called FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition), which allows us to determine the amount of reduced tuition we’re able to grant to each student per year.

Interested in tuition assistance? Here’s how it works.
  1. After enrollment, complete your FAST application online.
  2. Within FAST, you will find the requirements and information needed to determine the amount of tuition assistance your family will receive. This can include but is not limited to, personal background information, employment, and tax information. Providing the right details within FAST will help your chances of receiving reduced tuition.
  3. There is a $48 non-refundable application fee to FAST. The family will then be contacted by the school to acknowledge the percentage of financial assistance.
  4. New families can apply up until August 1 of the incoming school year, while returning families can apply until April 30 of the upcoming school year.
High School Students in Computer Lab

Do you have more questions about affording our private Christian school tuition?

We’ll help you get started. Feel free to reach out to our Director of Finance, Ricky Hering at (919) 334-0990 or

Payment plans

At WCA, we also make it possible for you to pay the cost of tuition through scheduled payment plans. We offer full, semi-annual, and 10-month payment plans. Below, you’ll see a table of how your tuition could look if you opt for a payment plan.

 GradeFull Tuition10 Monthly Payments
(May and August – April)
12 Monthly Payments
(May – April)
(Grades 1-5)
Middle School
(Grades 6-8)
High School
(Grades 9-12)
*Full cost of tuition before tuition assistance

Scholarships and grants

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship

We’re excited to share that we also accept families who have applied for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship*. This scholarship is open to students who:

  1. Are five years old by Aug. 31 or four years old by April 16 and approved for Kindergarten in adherence to state guidelines 
  2. Are not a high school graduate
  3. Have not enrolled in a post-secondary institution (ex., college or university) full-time

If selected, you could be granted approximately $3,000 – $7,000 in scholarship funds per child, based on your family’s income. For more details, visit the NC Opportunity Scholarship website.

*It’s also important to note that the scholarship is a lottery based on your family’s financial background (not everyone who applies will receive funding, and the amount of the award is based on income level).

Other Scholarships and Grants

At WCA, we’re all about opening doors for families to get financial help in different ways. This is why we also accept other scholarships and grants that your family has received from external organizations. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (919) 334-0990 if you have any questions about outside scholarships and grants.

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