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Wake Christian Academy is a college preparatory school. This means we want 100% of our high school graduates to be prepared to thrive in a four-year college or university. We understand that God may call some students to other places, but at WCA, the vast majority enroll in higher education before they even leave our campus. Focusing on academic readiness, social development, leadership, and spiritual growth, we serve as an active partner for students as they prepare for their next step. At WCA, college prep entails:

Tailored Academics
We recognize that every student has unique strengths and goals. Offering three academic tracks (College Placement, Honors, and Advanced Placement), WCA helps high school students set the bar high. We also offer thirteen AP courses across many subject areas. As students challenge themselves academically, they receive support through individual attention from teachers who are deeply invested in their futures.


Excellent Advising
In high school, academic advising is largely focused on college preparation. Our Academic Advancement Department exists to help each student choose challenging courses, monitor their progress, and review various college and scholarship opportunities. From standardized college admission testing to applications and financial aid, our advisor is a powerful resource for your family.

Whole-Child Development
Most college prep schools focus solely on stringent academics, but at WCA, this is not the case. We have high academic standards but foster personal growth as well. Through integrating Biblical truth in all areas, students discover their identity and purpose in Christ. They have opportunities to give back to their community through missions, and discover their passions through a broad range of activities. When students arrive at college, they know who they are and benefit from the firm foundation developed at WCA.

Broad Horizons
We have seen graduates go on to top colleges in North Carolina and across the nation! From Ivy League schools to exceptional Bible colleges, it is encouraging to see WCA graduates thriving in a broad range of environments. There are no limits to what our students can achieve! Take a look at where our graduates have gone, and schedule a visit at WCA today.

See Where Our Graduates Have Been Accepted

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