Clubs and Extracurriculars at Wake Christian Academy

A private Christian school where your child can explore their gifts and talents

As a parent, it brings you much joy to know that your child is valued and embraced in a community. But you’re not looking for just any community. You’re searching for that place where…

Your child’s God-given gifts will be discovered and refined.
They’ll be uplifted and guided by teachers who genuinely care.
Your child will grow together with friends who share the same passions.

At Wake Christian Academy, we value the same things. As a private Christian K-12 school in Raleigh, NC, part of our goal is encouraging students to strive for excellence beyond academics. We aim to empower your child by providing fine arts, athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities so that they can have a well-rounded educational experience.

Discover Clubs & Extracurriculars at WCA.


The WCA Difference

Learn the significance of clubs and extracurriculars in our school

To us, clubs and extracurriculars are more than just activities for students to pass the time. We believe these are opportunities for your child to learn how God has given them talents and abilities to use for His glory. Explore how we’ve intentionally designed these avenues for growth.

Whole Child Development

We believe that educating children should cover all areas of growth. Clubs and extracurriculars help students enhance other abilities they can use as they fulfill God’s distinct calling in their lives.

Genuine Connection With Peers

Activities outside the classroom are also ways for your child to form friendships. Our community allows students to enjoy shared interests in an uplifting, Christ-centered environment.

Leadership Cultivation

As students join clubs and extracurriculars, they’re given roles to grow in their leadership. Whether it’s communicating their ideas, planning projects, or collaborating with others, these skills are continuously practiced.

Unifying the School Community

One unique feature of our community is that we intentionally bring together students across all grade levels. The older students get to volunteer and mentor the younger children, bringing a sense of unity and joy to our school.

“Wake Christian Academy is a school I am glad I attended. Being at a smaller school, I have been able to connect with everyone in my class, building friendships that will last after graduation. I’m fortunate to have teachers who care about me and want me to succeed. More importantly, whether it be athletics or academics, I’m surrounded by people who point me to Christ, which has strengthened my faith for any obstacle in life.”

– Luke Cherry, Class of 2023

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Explore the many avenues for our students to engage in our community

At WCA, students learn teamwork, leadership, and communication within a group of like-minded peers.


In elementary, students enjoy two rounds of clubs that happen during fall and spring. These activities last 4-6 weeks and include:

  • Golf 
  • Running 
  • Crochet 
  • Lego
  • Robotics
  • Gaming Unplugged (board games such as checkers and chess)
  • Buddy Club (each child is paired with an older student to read books, make crafts, and more).

Middle School

Our middle schoolers have one round of clubs throughout the school year, with specialized teachers mentoring students in these opportunities. Students can explore different groups, such as:

  • Chess
  • Sports
  • Gaming Unplugged (improving skills in board games)
  • Life Skills (learning about tasks that encourage independence)
  • Breakfast Club (cooking, healthy eating habits, morning routines)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (meets once a month)

High School

At WCA, high school clubs are filled with exciting possibilities to work on leadership skills, as well as potential career and college paths. These include:

  • Sports
  • Debate
  • Spanish Honor Society
  • Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Student Council
  • Beta Club (high schoolers tutor younger students in challenging subjects)
  • National Beta Society (academic club)
  • Leading elementary clubs


Get acquainted with the different pathways for students to dive deep in their interests

What gets our students excited at WCA? In addition to our events, summer camps, spiritual life, and community-building events, we offer specials for students from kindergarten through high school.


Our soon-to-be kindergartners enjoy a summer readiness camp, where they meet friends and understand class routines.

In this half-day event, the children get to enjoy and develop skills such as raising their hands, walking in line, or understanding basic topics in language arts, math, science, and other subjects. They go to their first day of class ready to tackle their schedule!


Elementary students at WCA participate in the production of school-wide concerts every year, which is part of completing their music special class.

In addition, 4th and 5th graders have electives in art, as well as chorus, band, and strings

Middle School

In middle school, students begin independent decision-making by choosing two electives they can take every other day. These include:

  • Coding
  • Engineering
  • Forensics
  • Fine arts
  • Handbells
  • Chorus
  • Advanced P.E.
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Drama, and more

High School

Our high schoolers have opportunities to explore various interests in music, performing arts, and ministry. Some of the popular extracurriculars our students have enjoyed are:

  • Orchestra
  • Visual Arts
  • Senior play
  • Chorus
  • Athletic teams
  • Mission trip
  • Gideon’s Line (Jazz Band)
  • Tri-M Music Society (Honor society for those who have taken up band as an elective)

Come See WCA For Yourself

Looking for the best private Christian school in Wake County?

We invite you to visit Wake Christian Academy to learn about our academic approach as well as other exciting opportunities where your child can flourish. We’re excited to meet you soon!

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