2023 Capital City Conference Champions!

8/13 Garner HS WCA 4:30
8/15 Wesleyan Christian WCA 5:00
8/20 Ravenscroft School WCA 5:00
8/23 Durham Academy WCA 5:00
8/26 Thales Apex WCA 5:00
8/27 Cary Academy Away 4:30
8/30 Wilmington Christian WCA 4:30
9/3 Cary Christian WCA 5:00
9/5 Grace Christian Sanford WCA 5:00
9/6 Thales Flowers WCA 4:00
9/12 Grace Christian WCA 5:00
9/17 St. David’s School Away TBA
9/19 Trinity Academy WCA 5:00
9/24 Grace Christian Sanford Away 4:00
9/26 Thales Flowers Away 4:00
10/1 Grace Christian Away TBA
10/3 St. David’s School WCA 5:00
10/8 High Point Christian Away 4:00
10/10 Trinity Academy Away TBA

Games marked BOLD are Capital City Conference.                                                                                                 Updated 6/17/24


Head Coach, Malcolm Deans

Asst. Athletic Director
HS Spanish Department Chair
B.A., Bob Jones University
Triangle Volleyball Club Coach

Assistant Coach, 

Wake Christian Academy promotes and expects good sportsmanship and Christian testimony by athletes, coaches, students, and parents.  We request your cooperation by supporting Wake Christian Academy in a positive manner.  Cheer for Wake Christian Academy, not against the other team!  Profanity or personal remarks directed toward opposing players or game officials will not be tolerated!

Photo credit: Warlick Photography

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