Faculty Spotlight: Amy Sauls

Lead Media Specialist, Amy Sauls, has been at Wake Christian Academy “literally half my life,” as she put it! Amy attended Wake Christian from first through twelfth grade (there was no kindergarten offered at the time), and earned her bachelor’s in Home Economics from Bob Jones University. She worked a few different jobs, and after […]

Teacher Spotlight: Rachael Dramis

By Evie Fordham   First grade teacher Rachael Dramis entered her alma mater, Liberty University, not knowing she would exit with a teaching degree, but today, she’s glad she did. “I know the Lord called me to this ministry,” she recounted, “I actually had other plans when I began college, but the Lord directed my […]

Teacher Spotlight: Sonya Massengill

By Evie Fordham   English department head Sonya Massengill, who received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, English Education, from NC State University, teaches junior and senior English classes and enjoys it immensely. “Teaching allowed me to balance family and career — and spend my days immersed in subjects that I love,” she elaborated, adding, […]

Teacher Spotlight: Gayle Davis

By Evie Fordham   Art teacher Gayle Davis may have one of the most fun jobs at Wake Christian Academy. She has taught art at the school for over ten years, and on her teacher webpage she states that she has “learned so much from the students and the art that they produce. Each one […]

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