• April 24, 2024
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Student Spotlight — Davis Frazier, Class of 2024

Davis Frazier has been a student at WCA from K5 through his senior year. He has been a member of the school tennis team for six years. Davis says his coach, Chad Robbins, “is the best coach and is not only great at coaching, but mentoring as well. All the guys on the team get […]

  • February 7, 2024
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Student Spotlight: Austin Taylor, Class of 2024

Austin Taylor is a “day-oner” at WCA, having been a student with us since his Kindergarten year. He is a member of the graduating class of 2024. Austin says, “I’m blessed to have attended WCA since Kindergarten. I’ve been surrounded by wonderful faculty and classmates. I’m thankful for the Christ-centered education I have received.” The […]

  • October 5, 2023
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4 Ways a Positive Christian School Environment Makes All the Difference for Students

Ask any parent exploring school options what their priorities are, and “environment” will almost certainly be mentioned. But what does a school’s environment encompass, and how does it impact a child’s learning experience? This is a complex question, as any environment is made up of both tangible and intangible factors. While one parent might think […]

5 Practical Ways to Help Your Child Handle Peer Pressure

When parents hear the term “peer pressure,” their minds often go to the teenage years, but it’s important to recognize how children of all ages can be influenced by those around them. Equally noteworthy — not all peer pressure is harmful. Positive peer pressure often motivates children to improve their behavior, adopt beneficial habits, and […]

Navigating Middle School Dating: The Pros and Cons of Preteen Relationships

There are many things that can keep Christian parents up at night, and most would agree that their child’s first love interest is high on that list.  Whether you’ve already established dating ground rules around dating or are praying you won’t need to for several more years, it’s important to create a game plan that […]

Student Spotlight: Donovan Thomas, Class of 2023

Donovan Thomas is currently a senior and will be a Bulldog graduate in 2023. He has been attending Wake Christian Academy since fourth grade. His mom is also on staff as a middle school and high school receptionist. Donovan says, “During my time at WCA, I have grown in many areas. I have been challenged […]

Student Military Spotlight: James Diorio and Luke Cherry, Class of 2023

Wake Christian Academy is proud to feature our military career-minded seniors, James Diorio and Luke Cherry. James Diorio has received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. Luke Cherry will be attending the United States Coast Guard Academy. Both will be in the Class of 2027. WCA is excited to congratulate both students on […]

5 Shattered Myths About Private Christian High Schools

As a parent, you know that high school will be a momentous time in your teen’s life. As they enjoy the last bit of childhood and look ahead to the future with great anticipation, the right environment makes all the difference. Parents have many frustrations with public schools today. Some feel that the academics are […]

Student Spotlight: Kayla Horne, Class of 2023

Kayla Horne is currently a senior and will be a Bulldog graduate in 2023. She has been attending Wake Christian Academy since sixth grade. She says, “Wake Christian Academy has had one of the biggest impacts on my life. WCA is where I started to truly take my faith seriously because I saw the work […]

5 Things Elementary-Aged Kids Don’t Need

Every stage of parenting has its own set of blessings and challenges. When your child was an infant, you were probably consumed with sleep schedules, developmental milestones, and spending as much time as you could bonding. The preschool years were filled with social growth, emotional regulation, and budding independence. Now, your child is in elementary […]

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