Student Spotlight: Jadon Cordell

Many Wake Christian students used their time and talents to bless others over the summer. More time at home inspired creative ways to serve others and even earn extra income. WCA Junior Jadon Cordell not only tackled new projects in recent months – he now has a growing woodworking business!

Jadon learned about woodworking at church. Each summer, his church hosted a camp to provide food, encouragement from God’s word, and different activities or “tracks” to help campers learn a valuable new skill. Jadon participated in the woodworking track and quickly picked-up a new hobby.

He first built projects for his mom, and then Jadon moved-on to make tables and pieces for others. Since July, he has had steady business and has crafted several pieces of indoor and outdoor furniture. He is planning projects for Christmas gifts including desks, farmhouse kitchen tables, bookshelves, and even doll houses. 

Jadon’s handiwork!

Jadon is prayerfully considering how the Lord would use his interest in woodworking after graduation. He is definitely interested in building projects as a part of his future career plans, whether full-time or as a side business. He loves to stay busy! 

It’s a joy to see our high school students discover their passions and begin to see a vision for their future. We are proud of Jadon’s work ethic and resourcefulness! 




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