5 Reasons Families Love Our After-School Care Program at WCA

If you are a working parent, you’re probably always thinking about the best environment for your child when they’re not with you. During these formative years, a child’s learning atmosphere plays such an important role in their development. Naturally, you’re looking for a school where they will be surrounded by caring teachers, positive friendships, and a variety of activities to help develop their God-given gifts. Girls playing on playground

If you’re a busy parent in the Raleigh, NC, area, there’s a lot on your list when it comes to finding the right school fit. Affordable after-school care is likely on your list, and we’re excited to share with you why WCA families value our After-School Care program:


Research tells us that young children thrive when they have consistent daily schedules, expectations, and routines. The ability to stay in one place all day, rather than being shuffled around, prevents overstimulation and fatigue. Our program allows students to be surrounded by the same loving, nurturing staff every day. 


WCA takes student safety very seriously. We have a highly secure campus with strict drop-off and pick-up procedures, surveillance cameras, and dedicated security staff. Our After-School program offers developmentally appropriate activities for each grade level in an environment that provides parents with peace of mind. 

Homework Help

The homework help that students receive in After-School Care not only improves their academic performance, it takes a load off of parents. We understand that everyone wants more relaxing family time in the evening, which is why our After-School staff take every opportunity to help students get their homework done and provide tutoring as needed.

Exciting Activities

Whether your child is into sports, arts and crafts, music, or tech, they’ll discover new talents and interests through After-School Care. Activities are thoughtfully planned by staff to keep students engaged and learning, sparking new interests that often become lifelong passions. 

New Friends

We have seen best friends made through our After-School Care program. Your student will have the opportunity to meet peers that may not be in their homeroom class, and even benefit from interacting with students from other grade levels. It’s always encouraging to see older students helping kindergartners with homework or teaching them a new skill. 

Learn More

If you’re looking for a private Christian school with an affordable after-school care option, we invite you to learn more about Wake Christian Academy. Download our Parent Packet today.

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