Student Spotlight: Kayla Horne, Class of 2023

Kayla Horne is currently a senior and will be a Bulldog graduate in 2023. She has been attending Wake Christian Academy since sixth grade. She says, “Wake Christian Academy has had one of the biggest impacts on my life. WCA is where I started to truly take my faith seriously because I saw the work of Christ in others around me. I have made so many friends who provide me with laughs when I need them, but also with words of wisdom and prayer. The staff at Wake have also given me so much knowledge that I am grateful for. Their prayers have meant a great deal to me.”

Kayla loves serving the Lord and is an active member at Mid-way Baptist Church in Raleigh. She is on the servant leadership team for the middle and high school ministry. She also helps with setting up services and serving guests and members by writing cards, praying, and fellowshipping.

She is academically gifted and extremely involved at Wake Christian Academy. Kayla is a member of the Beta Club and serves on High School Student Council as the senior class chaplain. She states, “Being a part of the Beta Club is something that I’m really proud of. Keeping my grades up has always been important to me. I am an overachiever and love to excel in everything I do. Beta Club pushes me to be better in my academics and serve my community. Within the Student Council, I love being part of a close group of leaders where we can bounce ideas off of each other and help grow our school community. As chaplain, I enjoy being able to serve my class not only physically, but spiritually as well. I find joy in helping others with their walk with Christ and I am very thankful God has placed me in this position. I’m humbled to have been elected every year in high school to be a member of the Student Council and having been re-elected this year to finish out my high school career as the class chaplain.” Kayla is also a part of the Chick-fil-a leader academy and is a leader for WCA’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry. She loves that the FCA ministry provides athletes with a way to grow in their walk with Jesus and helps them learn how to combine sports and faith. “God says to do everything for His glory, and that includes sports,” she states.

Something unique about Kayla is the relationship that she shares with her younger sister, Jessica, who also attends Wake Christian Academy. From sharing clothes and makeup, to eating and shopping together every chance that they get, she says that the two are inseparable. Kayla has enjoyed helping her sister with basketball this year and says it is a blessing to spend the extra time with Jessica. One of her sweetest memories of her sister are the car rides that they share. During these car rides, the girls are able to talk, laugh, and sing worship songs together. Kayla says she thanks God every day for her sister and the special relationship that they have.

Kayla will be attending Liberty University in the fall and majoring in Biblical Studies. Her future plans include going into ministry and reaching people for Christ. She would like to write a book about God and be a public speaker for the work of the Lord. She wants to get married, have a family, and passionately exclaims that her life will be complete if she can just reach people for Jesus.

When we asked Kayla to share something about herself she said, “I am proud of the work God has done in my life. God has opened my eyes and heart to be able to see that He truly does have a purpose and plan for my struggles. When we go through hard times, it’s easy to blame God and turn our backs on Him. But I have learned, through His grace, that my pain has a purpose. God does not waste any tears or heartbreak. His grace can not only be seen through the good but also through the bad.”

 Wake Christian Academy is so proud of Kayla, her many accomplishments both inside and outside of the school, and her bright light for the Lord in all she does. We cannot wait to see God use her in a mighty way and pray that she will be blessed in all things. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog!

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