School Lunch

The EZ School Lunch program allows parents to make payments, place orders and review purchased items in one place. Please review the program instructions on your parent portal. Use the link below to order.

All lunches (elementary, middle & high school) will be pre-ordered and payment may be made online through EZ School lunch program, or you may send-in payment to be applied to your student(s) lunch account. Lunch orders must be submitted by noon on Friday for the following week, but may be ordered in advance, based on the calendar available. Same-day purchase of vendor options will not be available.

We will offer food from the following outside vendors: 3 Olives Pizza (Monday), Jersey Mike’s for HS/MS and Chick-fil-A for Elementary (Tuesday), Zaxby’s (Wednesday), Moe’s (Thursday), and Chick-fil-A (Friday). Additional items for pre-purchase will be milk, water bottles, chips, goldfish, and cookies for elementary students.

Funds will be deducted from the lunch account when food is provided to your student.  Please direct questions to:

Link to Pre-order Lunches:

EZ School App Link


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