We Love Our New Playground Addition!

Our youngest students love the Octopit – but we want to share why this latest addition to our elementary playground is so special.

Tenth grader Ayden Jones constructed the Octopit for WCA as his Eagle Scout service project. He has been a WCA student since kindergarten, and he says he “wanted to give something back to the school.” The idea came to him from a summer camp experience – and he wondered why we couldn’t have an Octopit here at WCA. So he built one!


It took about a week to install the Octopit on our playground, and his father and grandfather lent an extra hand. Ayden dug a trench around the area to even-out the ground and help secure the walls, which were constructed from eight separate panels. And if you look closely, you’ll see he posted the instructions for playing Octoball, for all our students who were not familiar with the game.

If you’ve never played Octoball, it’s a modified version of dodgeball played within an octagonal “pit” for safety, where the ball is kept low with strategic contact. Our teachers were able to “break it in” before our students played in it and they had so much fun!

Graduation may be a couple of years away, but Ayden will long be remembered at WCA for his servant’s heart and for bringing even more laughter and smiles to our elementary playground.

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