Daily Announcements

All athletic events (games and practices) are suspended until March 30 at the earliest.  WCA is scheduled to resume classes on campus on that date.  If the COVID -19 outbreak has subsided enough to return for traditional on-campus classes, we will resume athletic practices at that time.  If the COVID-19 outbreak is still an issue on March 30, the school is prepared to resume classes using an online platform, which would dictate that athletic events would still be suspended.
We did receive notification from the NCISAA that they have suspended all spring games and scrimmages indefinitely.  The NCISAA will monitor the COVID-19 outbreak situation and notify all member schools when games may resume.   If we have returned to school prior to that notification, we will be able to practice but not compete in games until we receive the word from the NCISAA.  However if the NCISAA gives the clearance to resume games prior to WCA resuming on-campus classes, we will wait until school resumes before athletic events may start back.  We know that everyone is anxious about whether there will even be a spring sports season and if there is when will that resume.  Unfortunately, those exact answers are not possible at this time.
All WCA sports facilities are closed during this break and student athletes are not allowed to come on campus to work out on their own.
Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and patience as we work through this very unusual situation.  Please pray for safety for our school community and a timely resolution to the COVID-19 outbreak.


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WCA will transition to online learning after spring break, beginning March 30, 2020. For more information about our COVID-19 response, click here.